CPA Canada tax update: What’s new (Fall 2017)

Find out the latest news about CPA Canada’s tax advocacy work, resources and professional development opportunities.

Joint CPA Canada-Canada Revenue Agency webinar

Business returns program update (on demand event)
Innovation is changing the way the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) delivers programs and services to businesses. Get an overview of enhancements to the CRA’s digital services, including My Business Account, and “how-to” instructions on popular services.

Tax blogs

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Income tax: into the next century
CPA Canada’s new vice-president, Taxation, Bruce Ball, looks back at accountants’ 100 years of contributions to Canada’s tax system and discusses his plans for continuing this work into the next century.

Collaboration builds a stronger tax system
From CPA Canada’s collaboration agreement with the Canada Revenue Agency to recent Serving You Better consultations, retiring Vice–president, Taxation, Gabe Hayos, reflects on the power of collaboration to promote positive change in Canada’s tax system.

T1 claims: Improving Canada Revenue Agency verification processes
For several years, tax practitioners have urged the Canada Revenue Agency to streamline its verification processes, for example, by reducing apparently excessive information requests and allowing enough time to respond. Tell us: have things improved?

Your role in expediting tax objections
The Canada Revenue Agency is answering the Auditor General of Canada’s call to improve the income tax objections process. Find out what tax practitioners can do to ease the burden.

Tax audit feedback: Have your say
The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is surveying taxpayers and their representatives about their experience with the CRA’s audit processes to identify opportunities for improvement. Learn how you can have your say.

Professional news and media

Finance Canada consultation: Tax planning using private corporations
CPA Canada has formally made its submission to Finance Canada – with a focus on what’s in the public’s best interest. Thanks to all who shared their insights and expertise during this important consultation.

Recent Joint Tax Committee submissions
Find out about the latest advice to the federal government from the Joint Tax Committee on proposed changes to the small business deduction and the repeal of billed-basis accounting for professionals.

Three accountants who transformed tax in Canada
In the century since income tax was introduced in Canada, tax has transformed the accounting profession – while accountants have helped the tax system evolve. Learn about three accountants who made a difference.

Barreau du Québec: CPAs’ rights to represent clients in administrative tax disputes
CPA Quebec and CPA Canada called on the Supreme Court of Canada to preserve taxpayers’ rights to choose which professional will represent them in administrative tax disputes. Learn about the implications of this pending case.

Taxpayer confidentiality vs. CRA audit needs

The Federal Court of Appeal has decided that the Canada Revenue Agency does not have the unrestricted right to ask taxpayers for their tax accrual working papers. Learn about this important decision concerning BP Canada.

Tax thought leadership roundup (Summer 2017)
Keep up with the latest thinking on tax from CPAs in Canada with our roundup of new tax-related alerts, articles, guides, apps and thought leadership releases.

Professional development in taxation

Comprehensive tax education options for fall 2017
Explore what’s new in tax education from CPA Canada this fall. From comprehensive, in-depth tax programs to flexible, topic-specific e-learning options, we offer a wide array of tax courses to meet your needs.

Practitioner’s pulse (October 2017)
This free webinar discusses current developments that will affect your firm, including changes to accounting standards for private enterprises (ASPE), how to use the work of management’s expert, budget 2017 tax changes and an audit data analytics tool for clients.

Trending in tax: Proposals targeting private corporations

One of CPA Canada’s “Trending in tax” series of free webinars on topical tax issues, this webinar covers the federal government’s proposed tax changes for private corporations. Explore the tax planning strategies affected, the changes targeting these strategies and the implications for business owners and advisors.

Trending in tax: CCPC tax planning
Explore proactive tax strategies with one of Canada’s top tax and wealth columnists, Jamie Golombek, to help identify the right approach for you and your clients.

Trending in tax: FMV and you
If not determined properly, fair market value can expose your clients to considerable risks. Learn about the concepts and best practices to ensure the integrity of your valuation activities.

Trending in tax: Restrictions to the small business deduction
The small business deduction is back in the spotlight, with recent changes affecting Canadian-controlled private corporations and partnerships across Canada. Find out which structures are impacted, the new filing obligations and options for your firm and clients with this free webinar.

Practitioner’s pulse (June 2017)
In this free webinar, you’ll find out about changes to accounting standards for private enterprises (ASPE), new and revised assurance standards as a result of new auditor reporting, tax issues relating to property division on relationship breakdown and the features of Knotia.

Protect your clients from Canada Revenue Agency issues with real estate HST/GST

The Canada Revenue Agency is getting tougher on HST/GST non-compliance in real estate. Gain the in-depth knowledge you need about the latest regulations to maintain best practices and help advise your clients.

Tax resources

CRA T1 e-services webinar – questions answered
CPA Canada’s webinar with the Canada Revenue Agency on e-service improvements sparked lots of questions about ReFILE and how it compares to other adjustment options, online payments and more. Find out the answers.

Keep up with Canadian tax updates
Explore what’s new in tax education, resources, publications and more from CPA Canada.

Canadian Tax Principles: Tax guidance you can trust
Byrd & Chen’s Canadian Tax Principles provides straightforward answers to personal and corporate tax questions. With more than 700 pages of reliable information, it will help you resolve tax issues in your general practice.

EY's Complete Guide to GST/HST: Canada’s leading guide on GST/HST
Take advantage of Canada’s leading guide on GST/HST including GST/HST commentary and legislation, as well as a GST-QST comparison.

Reduce risk in your practice with the Tax Risk Management Guide
The Tax Risk Management Guide will provide you with the valuable resources you need to help manage risk, avoid common pitfalls and improve your practice effectiveness.

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