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Canada wants to shift capital to support climate change and sustainable development. As a signatory of the Paris Agreement on climate change, Canada is committed to a global pact toward more sustainability for the global economy.

This webinar is designed to help directors better understand and oversee risk, including embedded vulnerabilities and compounding effects from multiple risks.

Are you ready to break the mould? Come to Canada’s leading event for not-for-profit leaders and learn how to accelerate your organization’s impact.

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Public sector pension plans have evolved substantially in the past decade. New features and arrangements have been introduced to address plan sustainability. Participate in the discussion on how these plans should be accounted for.

Are you experienced in not-for-profit reporting matters? CPA Canada is looking to partner with consultants to develop guidance for members and other stakeholders in the not-for-profit sector.

Many public sector pension plans involve employers sharing risks with their employees and/or other employers. Learn how potential accounting guidance reflecting the risk assumed by employers could have a significant impact on their financial positions.