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Volunteer with CPA Canada

Learn about volunteering with CPA Canada and how you can get involved.

We owe much of our success in delivering the CPA profession’s vision to the continued commitment of our volunteers. CPA Canada volunteers are broadly experienced professionals and recognized experts in their fields. They enjoy a unique opportunity to network with peers while giving back to the CPA profession by working on challenging projects and participating in key meetings.

About our volunteers

Volunteers come from diverse backgrounds, including:

  • public practice
  • industry
  • government and Crown corporations
  • education
  • professional firms
  • not-for-profit organizations

Volunteers bring expertise and experience, provide real-world understanding of stakeholder needs, help explore and develop knowledge, and support our due diligence process to ensure timely, relevant and high-quality products.

Three types of volunteer roles

Volunteers support key CPA Canada activities by:

  • collaborating to create intellectual property for CPA Canada
  • acting in advisory roles to staff
  • making recommendations on critical decisions for the profession and for the organization

CPA Canada offers members additional opportunities to give back through “non-traditional” volunteer activities, including:

  • delivering free financial education sessions to the public at the grassroots level through CPA Canada’s Financial Literacy program
  • working on one-off projects including reviewing staff-produced materials, delivering webinars, and speaking at conferences and other events
  • serving on inter-institute boards, committees, task forces and working groups

We periodically conduct surveys of our volunteers to seek their views about their experiences on CPA Canada boards, committees, task forces and working groups. The majority of volunteers say that their most important reward for dedicating time and expertise is a high degree of personal satisfaction. Of our past volunteers, over 90 per cent say they would like to volunteer again.

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Volunteer committees

Discover CPA Canada’s committees and groups.