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The state of enterprise risk management (ERM) in Canada: A benchmarking study

In today's fast-changing environment, managing risk is critical to success. Are Canadian organizations up to the task?

Find insights from professionals who lead ERM in their organizations and learn how they are managing enterprise risk in today's uncertain economic environment.

ERM has become more critical than ever in an environment where major threats—such as cyber events, privacy risks, and business disruption—are constant. If ERM in Canada is to effectively protect organizations against risk, and to also help them seize the opportunities that may come with a rapidly evolving risk landscape, the discipline will have to further evolve and mature.

This joint research paper by CPA Canada, The Conference Board of Canada, and the Global Risk Institute in Financial Services (GRI) looks at 10 key findings from a 2018 survey on the state of ERM in Canadians organizations.