Risk oversight: A framework for identifying, understanding and addressing risk

Re-examining the board's role in risk oversight continues to be a hot topic in the aftermath of global crises. Go beyond principles and receive valuable guidance and tools that help directors discharge their responsibilities.

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In A Framework for Board Oversight of Enterprise Risk, experienced CEO and director John Caldwell discusses the importance of boards taking more active and direct roles in risk assessment, and offers a framework for getting there. Learn how to go beyond the traditional oversight of typical risk management processes.

This document features a nine-step process to help directors:

  • better identify and address critical risks
  • understand how risks are interconnected
  • recognize the potential for risks to compound if unfavourable events occur simultaneously

A Framework for Board Oversight of Enterprise Risk offers a practical approach to risk oversight designed specifically for boards of directors, including:

  • the framework itself
  • recommended steps for implementation
  • a methodology
  • toolsets

Learn more about:

  • establishing context
  • identifying and categorizing risks
  • analyzing and re-analyzing consequences
  • analyzing interconnectivities and compounding effects
  • prioritizing
  • risk capacity, risk tolerance and risk appetite
  • choosing a response strategy
  • monitoring