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CPA Canada and FEI Canada: The state of enterprise risk management in Canada

Find insights from Canadian financial executives on how their organizations are managing enterprise risk in today’s uncertain economic environment in this research report jointly produced by CPA Canada and FEI Canada.

Business risk is real and given the speed of change in today’s economy, the ability to identify and address it in a timely fashion is critical to your organization’s success.

Financial and business risks since the 2008 financial crisis are plentiful and include:

  • international economic contagion
  • cyber sabotage
  • natural disasters
  • commodity price uncertainty
  • interest rate and foreign exchange rate fluctuations
  • internal business failures

CPA Canada, a national strategic partner of FEI Canada, collaborated with FEI Canada’s research arm, the Canadian Financial Executives Research Foundation, to examine how Canadian organizations are dealing with rising uncertainty and risk today.

The State of Enterprise Risk Management in Canada summarizes the results from an online survey from 320 members from CPA Canada and FEI Canada, as well as deeper insights from an executive roundtable discussion among members of both organizations representing a broad range of industry sectors, organization sizes and ownership structures.

You will learn about:

  • the types of companies that do and do not have robust risk management programs in place
  • how confident financial executives are about their organizations’ ability to effectively manage risk
  • how organizations are structuring the risk management function
  • the extent to which employees, senior management and board members understand risk and opportunities
  • key risks identified in the past
  • the significance of risks expected in the next 12 months