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Free business case studies to bring real-life examples into the classroom

Give students an opportunity to explore new ideas and learn best practices

Searching for materials to bring into the classroom can be time consuming. At CPA Canada, we've made it a little easier by providing free case studies you can use in your next business or management accounting course. 

Developed by academics and industry leaders, our case studies provide high-quality content in the areas of strategy management, financial management and reporting, and performance management and measurement. 

Use them to complement your lessons and keep students engaged. Give your students valuable insights from real-life companies that they can apply in the work force.

Students will learn how to address day-to-day operations and challenges and improve a company’s financial performance.

Use them in your classroom today!

Available topics

Strategy management

Strategy mapping: Saskatchewan Green Roofing (SGR) 

Use this case study to illustrate how focusing on community support, the environment, and operational excellence led to a successful strategy mapping implementation.

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Performance Management and Measurement

Business model design: Nespresso

Inspire your students by showing them how a shift in strategy is what Nespresso needed to achieve success and redefine the coffee industry.

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Process-based management: ACME

Follow the journey of a utility company as it implements a process-based management plan.

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Scenario planning: Lessons from the field

Don't wait for disaster to strike. Use these examples to walk your students through a six-step process to implement a strong decision-making model.

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Financial Management and Financial Reporting 

Future value drivers: Lessons from the field

Explore the power of invisible assets and how various companies turned them into profit.

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