Audit and assurance

Audit and assurance includes enhancing the reliability of information through activities such as internal control, internal and comprehensive auditing as well as through external third-party assurance services such as auditing.

Join Cindy Kottoor as she provides an in-depth understanding of the nature of controls, the types of controls, and the characteristics of good control design.

The continuous changes in audit process may signal a decline in the audit to many. Or is this a wonderful opportunity for audit professionals to band together, share best practices, and boost the profession and audit quality?

Learn about recent developments related to ASPE Section 1591, the AASB’s exposure draft on a new standard that would replace Section 5020 on Association, trust and estate taxation rules, and the importance of accepting quality clients.

CPA Canada partnered with the University of Toronto in a one-day symposium on best practices for teaching the principles of ethics and professional judgment within five different professions. Read the collection of the symposium participants' papers as well as solicited input.

Learn more about the EAQ initiative, which was a transparent consultation process to gain Canadian stakeholder input on emerging issues with respect to enhancing audit quality globally, and the impact on Canada.


Vancouver did it with the Olympic Winter Games. Major cities across the country just did it for the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada. This Friday Toronto kicks off the Pan Am Games, opening its doors to the thrills and challenges of hosting a major sports event. Three CPAs tell us how to keep business running when the Games come to town.