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Financial literacy champions empowerment program

Learn how you can become a champion of financial literacy in your own community.

By signing up to become a financial literacy volunteer you are choosing to make a difference in the lives of Canadians by helping to provide no-cost, accessible financial education to those who need it. Choose your volunteering path and decide which role suits you best based on your experience and expertise.

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What path will you choose?

Choose from any of these exciting options and get involved in a program that is aimed at bettering the lives of Canadians everywhere through the power of financial education!

Session presenter

Use your knowledge and expertise to present financial literacy sessions on a variety of topics. CPA Canada provides sessions in the following areas for you to present at organizations across the country:

  • talking money in the classroom
  • early adulthood
  • planning for family and retirement
  • communities in need
  • money in the world of business
  • living in retirement

Content development and editing

Create session content and showcase your editing skills. Roles include:

  • session and financial content developer
  • technical editor


Spread the word and work with host organizations to create learning opportunities. Roles include:

  • general outreach
  • area leader

Champions of the profession

Be the voice of the Financial Literacy program by reaching and connecting with audiences on a larger scale:

  • media opportunities
  • podcasts
  • events (including conferences)
  • webinars
For more information, view the Financial literacy champions empowerment program booklet.


Our helpful training videos will guide and provide you with the information to help you get started.

Volunteering 101

Volunteering with CPA Canada’s Financial Literacy program is easy! Learn all about the process of becoming a volunteer and get an in-depth look at all the exciting opportunities that await. Which role best matches with your experience and expertise? What can you expect when you become a volunteer?

View video

Preparing for a session and unpacking the materials

Being a session presenter is an important volunteer role within CPA Canada’s Financial Literacy program and being well prepared is the key to success! In this video you’ll get a crash course on getting the most out of the program’s available resources and materials, so you can go into your first session prepared and confident.

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The art of presenting

Presenting a financial literacy session is not always easy, but there are things you can do to boost your confidence and become a master of presenting. In this video, you’ll learn how to best carry yourself as a confident and engaging speaker that participants will want to listen to.

View video

Getting the word out

Spreading the word is a crucial part of CPA Canada’s Financial Literacy program, and as a volunteer you’ll be in a unique position to do just that! In this video, you’ll learn all about the different ways to get the word out to individuals and organizations in your community so that you can help more people access financial literacy education.

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Tips from the pros

Hear from some of the most seasoned volunteers in CPA Canada’s Financial Literacy program and get their best tips on presenting financial literacy sessions! You’ll be even better prepared to start your journey as a Financial Literacy volunteer after getting some pro tips on preparing to present, connecting with participants, getting feedback, and more.

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Start volunteering today

Are you ready to start your adventure as a CPA Canada Financial Literacy volunteer? Great! Visit Become a financial literacy volunteer to register.

For questions, please email us.