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Financial literacy program FAQS

Find answers to your questions about CPA Canada's financial literacy program.

How long has CPA Canada Financial Literacy been in operation?
Our program launched in March 2013.

What does the program consist of?
There are five integrated components:

  • financial literacy sessions
  • research
  • online information and resources
  • publications
  • sponsors and partners

What is the mission of CPA Canada Financial Literacy?
Our mission is to deliver unbiased, functional and clear financial literacy information to the general public in order to improve the overall state of financial literacy in Canada. Learn more about us.

How many sessions does the program offer and who are the audiences?
Our program offers 34 financial literacy sessions covering the following audiences:

  • adults
  • seniors
  • workplace
  • new Canadians
  • school (elementary and high school students)
  • post-secondary students
  • small and medium businesses
  • entrepreneurs
  • not for profits
  • low-income Canadians
  • women
View our full list of sessions.

Are the sessions free?
Yes, the sessions are free and considered a community service.

How long is a session?
One session is an hour, including a 15-minute Q&A at the end. School workshops are 45-60 minutes (including a 15-minute Q&A), depending on the grade.

Do the sessions have to be done consecutively?
The sessions can be done on their own or consecutively, based on your needs as the host organization.

How many people should be in the audience?
There is no set amount for audience size. We recommend less than 20-25 people per session for effective engagement.

In which languages are the sessions available?
Our sessions are available in both English and French. They will not be translated to any other languages. However, if you require a session in a different language, please email us and we will do our best to match you with a volunteer who speaks that specific language. Please note that there are no guarantees.

Who presents a session?
Our sessions can only be presented by our financial literacy volunteers, who are Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs). They are professional financial experts who have a solid reputation and a position of trust with Canadians. Our materials are copyrighted and cannot be presented by anyone other than our volunteers.

What level of language will the session be presented in?
Our volunteers use basic language and simple terms while presenting. They make sure to understand your audience before presenting. They will use stories and words that resonate with them.

What are my responsibilities as a host?
View host responsibilities and how to set up a session.

How do I request a session?
Request a session here.

How far in advance can I request a session?
We require a minimum of eight weeks to fulfill a session request and match a volunteer to an opportunity.

For more questions, email us.