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Building a risk management framework for trustworthy AI

Technologies using machine-learning algorithms to react and respond without human intervention can improve business productivity – but using artificial intelligence (AI) comes with risk. CPAs are well positioned to design systems to achieve trustworthy AI.

AI systems add remarkable value to businesses, consumers and society in general. These technologies that use machine-learning algorithms to react and respond in real time without human interaction are already improving business productivity.

However, deploying AI systems comes with its share of risks. The potential harm of improper use of this technology means it’s imperative that appropriate frameworks are in place to manage risk from a corporate perspective as well as a regulatory perspective.

There is a growing need for ethics to be designed into systems involving AI and autonomous components. CPAs who play a role in the collection and analysis of information for decision-making processes can provide key insights in the ethical design of these systems.

Read this publication to learn how CPAs can take concrete actions to design and implement systems and controls to achieve trustworthy AI.