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Canada’s transition to net zero: Accelerating collaboration to meet 2050

Canada has committed to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. We reported on the need for a unified national plan earlier this year; this report serves as a transition plan for getting there.

Our report on Canada’s Transition to Net Zero: Accelerating Collaboration to Meet 2050 offers practical actions key players can take to facilitate a unified, inclusive, and just transition that positions Canada to remain competitive in a global low-carbon future.

Who is this report for?

Our report will help Canada’s key economic sector leaders, policymakers, and the investment community, by providing them with the critical leadership actions and strategies that must be adopted to capitalize on compelling economic opportunities for Canada and to achieve net zero by 2050.


CPA Canada and The Prince of Wales’s Accounting for Sustainability Project (A4S) Canadian Chapter of the CFO Leadership Network’s Consultation Report on the Canadian Energy Sector’s Transition to Net Zero highlighted common themes across different audiences and identified gaps in their collective effort to address Canada’s transition to a lower-carbon economy and net zero by 2050.

The themes and gaps in that Phase 1 report helped shape the stakeholder outreach and research presented in this new report, which will contribute to the dialogue on achieving Canada’s net-zero ambitions.

Moving forward

The objective of this report is to provide an implementation roadmap that includes:

  • practical actions that can be taken to address challenges and capitalize on opportunities
  • the role of key players in the Canadian ecosystem who may collaborate to achieve the desired outcomes
  • proposed timelines for completion