CPA perspectives on blockchain and crypto-assets

How will blockchain and crypto-assets impact CPAs and their future roles? Find out firsthand from CPAs working with the technology today.

We talked to three CPAs working in professional practice and industry about how blockchain technology is impacting their day-to-day jobs and the opportunities and risks it is creating for the CPA profession.

Their message: CPAs cannot ignore blockchain and should instead play an important role in building trust in this technology.

CPA Canada is committed to helping professional accountants understand the strategic importance of emerging technologies such as blockchain and crypto-assets. We have developed the following resources to help you prepare for and manage the uncertainty they present:


Transacting in crypto-assets for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
Learn the key challenges and top questions to ask before deciding if crypto-assets are right for your organization.

Introduction to accounting for cryptocurrencies under IFRS
Learn about cryptocurrencies and the primary issues involved in accounting for them under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Accounting for cryptocurrencies under accounting standards for private enterprises (ASPE)
Learn about cryptocurrencies and the primary issues involving in accounting for them under ASPE.

Audit considerations related to cryptocurrency assets and transactions
Learn about considerations related to auditing an entity with material cryptocurrency assets and transactions under Canadian Auditing Standards (CAS).

Auditor's responses to assessed risks in audits of entities that hold crypto-assets
CPA Canada members are telling us that traditional audit procedures may not provide appropriate audit evidence when auditing crypto-asset holdings and transactions. Auditors need to explore approaches to respond to risks in this emerging industry.


Perspectives on blockchain from thought leaders in technology, governance, and business
Learn about collaborative possibilities between multiple disciplines in blockchain and how thought leaders across industries are thinking about blockchain for the profession.

Introduction to blockchain technology
Learn about blockchain technology and familiarize yourself with the potential implications, opportunities and risks for capital markets and reporting.

Blockchain technology and its potential impact on the audit and assurance profession
Learn about how blockchain technology may affect the audit and assurance profession, from its impact on the financial statement audit to opportunities that may arise in a blockchain-enabled world.