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The CAM-I risk-value curve: Understanding your risk appetite to create value

Every organization is impacted by risk. What determines an organization's success is how well it understands, anticipates, and manages risk. A risk-aware organizational culture and a risk-optimized mindset are essential to being sustainable long-term.

This guideline includes a three-step process for effectively implementing the risk-value approach in an organization, using a valuable risk management tool, the CAM-I Risk-Value Curve. With a risk-optimization mindset, your organization can promote a culture of risk awareness, expand the conversation to include not just risk mitigation but also value creation, and create a comprehensive view of risks to drive strategic decisions.

You will also learn:

  • how an organization can take on informed risks to implement an initiative and increase stakeholder value
  • how the local government of King County in Seattle, Washington successfully applied this approach
  • what other resources are available to help you apply and enhance these best practices