Business model design: Guideline

Learn how to navigate and address day-to-day business issues and critical disruptors that influence your decision-making process. Formulating and applying a business model canvas can help achieve your organization's strategic objectives.

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Have you considered using a business model canvas as a cutting-edge tool to ensure your relevance to customers, your sustainability and growth, and to help your organization achieve its strategic objectives? Do you want to increase shareholder value? Do you need help bringing your organization to its maximum capabilities?

Business Model Design: Guideline walks you through nine core building blocks, and will help you understand:

  • your organization's existing business
  • how to enable its efforts to change the business or create new businesses and ventures
  • how a business model works for:
    • established companies executing their current business, as well as developing new products and services
    • not-for-profit organizations
    • membership-based organizations
    • start-ups
    • social ventures
  • how to identify the market for whom you are creating value
  • which job your customers want done
  • which problems your customers are trying to solve
  • how to group (or segment) your customers based on the jobs they want done and the problems they want solved