The CPA mentor match portal for CPA practical experience requirements

The CPA Mentor Match portal facilitates mentoring relationships between mentors and future CPAs. If you have been waiting to be matched, this is a great way to speed up the process.

The CPA Mentor Match portal is an online, interactive system designed to assist future CPAs, working in the experience verification route (EVR), find an approved CPA mentor. Within the practical experience reporting tool (PERT), CPA mentors are able to provide information about themselves that can help students/candidates choose mentors that share similar interests and connections.

CPA students/candidates working in the EVR who have not found a CPA mentor within three months after creating their PERT profile, will automatically gain access to the portal to assist with their search. Rather than the CPA profession matching students/candidates with CPA mentors, the portal allows students/candidates to conduct their own mentor search by using specific search criteria.


Only EVR students/candidates will be able to access the portal through their Profile section of the PERT. Students/candidates working in a pre-approved program route and CPA Mentors will not be able to access the Portal.