Completing the mandatory orientation webinars to become a CPA mentor

To become a CPA mentor you must complete the mandatory CPA Mentor Orientation webinar. Find details on the webinar and links to the six webinar components.

Becoming a CPA mentor offers you the opportunity to make a difference in the professional life of a student/candidate. It also provides you and the student/candidate with a shared opportunity for learning and growth.

To become an approved CPA mentor, you must:

  1. Successfully complete the web-based orientation webinars.
  2. Register with your provincial/regional body and declare completion of the orientation webinars.
  3. Receive emails from your provincial/regional body confirming receipt of your application, and confirmation of your membership status and application approval. Upon approval, you will gain access to free CPD-eligible tools and resources.
  4. Get matched with a future CPA.

The webinar consists of six components. They average 10 minutes each and you take them at your own pace. You must complete all six components, update your profile in PERT and declare that you have completed the components before:

  • we can match you with any student/candidate actively seeking a CPA mentor
  • CPA students/candidates can identify you as their CPA mentor

Webinar components

After completing the webinars

Once you have finished all the CPA Mentor Orientation components:

  • You can complete a quiz to claim the webinar as a verifiable continuing professional development credit.
  • Register to become a CPA mentor today.
  • Register with your provincial/regional body and declare completion of the orientation webinars.

How to update your profile in PERT


The What CPA mentors need to know factsheet provides a high level overview of the CPA mentorship program, including your responsibilities as a CPA mentor and the lifecycle of the mentorship program.

Centre for Mentoring Resources

As an approved CPA Mentor, you have exclusive access to free CPD-eligible webinars on mentorship and coaching, plus a suite of additional resource materials to help you get the most out of your mentoring experience.