Requirements to become a CPA mentor

Become a CPA mentor in three easy steps.

Becoming a CPA mentor offers you the opportunity to make a difference in the professional life of a future CPA. It also provides you and your mentee with a shared opportunity for learning and growth.

To become an approved CPA mentor, simply:

  1. Watch the informative 12-minute CPA mentor orientation video to gain an understanding of mentorship expectations and requirements.
  2. Register with your provincial/regional CPA body to become a CPA mentor.
  3. Await approval before officially starting your mentoring relationship.

To start your mentoring relationship:

  • the profession can match you with any CPA student/candidate actively seeking a CPA mentor through the Mentor Match portal, or 
  • a CPA student/candidate can identify you as their CPA mentor

Centre for mentoring resources

The Centre for Mentoring Resources contains a number of resources to assist you throughout your mentoring relationship, including free CPD-eligible webinars on mentorship and coaching, plus a suite of additional resource materials to help you get the most out of your mentoring experience.