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CPA practical experience: Reporting requirements for students/candidates

Future CPAs are required to capture all practical experience in the profession’s online practical experience reporting tool (PERT).

Only registered students/candidates have access to PERT (contact your provincial/regional body for further details on how to register).

Registered students/candidates are granted access to PERT through Desire2Learn (D2L), an online education platform, when they meet the requirements set by their provincial/regional CPA body.

CPA Practical Experience Reporting Requirements

The CPA Practical Experience Reporting Requirements factsheet explains how PERT allows you to detail the experience you have gained towards achieving the required competencies and facilitate discussion of your progress with your CPA mentor.

There are several common requirements in both the pre-approved program or experience verification routes you will need to perform:

  • You must self-assess your level of proficiency, including progression, at least semi-annually. Only updates from the previous report need to be captured.
  • If you change your position, program or route, you must inform your provincial/regional CPA body by reporting the change in PERT. 


We have developed tools to assist you to create your experience reports within PERT. The PERT Guide for Future CPAs will enhance your user experience and help you become more effective and efficient when capturing your practical experience. Each webinar contains reporting information specific to the particular experience route.

If you have questions related to PERT, please contact your provincial/regional CPA body.