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Post-secondary institutions (PSIs) offering CPA-accredited programs

Learn which post-secondary institutions (PSIs) in Canada have programs accredited by the CPA profession.

Many accountants complete their training at one of several PSIs across Canada that deliver part or all of the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP). These accredited programs feature courses provided through a combination of undergraduate and graduate programs that result in either a graduate diploma or Master’s degree.

Completing your CPA designation

Students enrolled in these accredited programs must complete the following steps to gain the CPA designation:

  1. register with your provincial/regional CPA body
  2. successfully complete your university coursework
  3. if your university program is accredited to deliver only part of the CPA PEP, you will need to enrol in the CPA PEP and complete the module(s) for which you were not exempted
  4. successfully complete the Common Final Examination
  5. complete the CPA practical experience requirements