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Uncovering fraud: True stories about fraud, fraudsters and how they got caught

Look inside the world of fraud and fraud investigation, and get the tools to help you protect yourself from fraud.

The work of a forensic accountant and fraud investigator is time sensitive. The world in which the frauds occur is always changing. Technology changes, laws change, people change…what we know about the world changes.

Uncovering Fraud: True Stories About Fraud, Fraudsters & How They Got Caught is a series of events, stories, and columns by David Malamed, CPA, CA, DIFA, CPA (Illinois), CFE, CFI, CFF, head of Forensic Accounting and chief fraud investigator at Cooper, Green & Warren LLP. David introduces each story through his understanding in 2020 and also provides a closing commentary, if relevant, if there are any new facts or information.

The stories primarily have a U.S. and Canadian focus, with some international cases included. In all cases, the information and any advice are a must for any CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, general counsel, litigator, fraud investigator, and just about anyone who is concerned about becoming a victim of fraud.

Rather than being a how-to manual on prevention, detection and investigation of various fraud matters, Uncovering Fraud explores these factors exclusively through real and reported cases and stories. In a few instances, a case has had to be disguised for reasons of client confidentiality, but the details are based on actual situations.

Whether you are a business owner, lover of great stories, CPA, fraud investigator, student or professor who teaches forensic accounting, there is something in the book for you.

These stories will have you seeing the world differently and arm you with the tools and insights to not be a victim yourself.

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