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Financial literacy publications

Read CPA Canada’s innovative financial literacy publications for in-depth knowledge on improving your financial health.

Family and money

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Love and money

Learn how to have money conversations that help build an enduring and successful relationship.

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Babies: How to afford your bundle of joy

Are you a new or expectant parent? Are you planning on growing your family? Learn how you can budget and prepare for your new arrival.

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Raising money-smart kids

Learn how to teach your kids the importance of learning about money by guiding them through the five aspects of money management.

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Crisis and financial planning

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Survive and thrive

Our Survive and Thrive guide will make your career transition easy, while teaching you how to manage the financial and emotional stress that comes with changing careers.

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Divorce and separation are never easy. Understand the steps involved and doing what’s necessary to prepare will make this difficult time easier for everyone.

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The last act

Getting your final affairs in order is one of the most important steps you can take. Learn more about forming a complete financial plan.

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Money management and retirement

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A Canadian's guide to money-smart living

This EIFLE (Excellence in Financial Literacy Education) Award-winning guide will help you make money management a part of your daily life with easy action steps and self-assessment checklists.

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Businessman reviewing financial statements

Reading financial statements: FAQ

Find answers to key questions about financial statements.

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The procrastinator's guide to retirement

Are you retirement-ready? Learn how to secure a comfortable retirement in 10 years or less.

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Financial knowledge

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Guide to financial statements for NFPs

Learn how to understand financial statements, a necessary skill for effective oversight of the financial affairs of a not-for-profit organization.

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Uncovering fraud: True stories about fraud

Look inside the world of fraud and fraud investigation, and get the tools to help you protect yourself from fraud.

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