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Workplace: Request a financial literacy series

Financial stress is a major factor in how employees perform at work. Contribute to a happier, more productive workplace by offering financial literacy sessions for your employees at no cost.

Why your workplace?

  • research shows that offering financial literacy sessions in the workplace increases overall job performance and lowers stress levels, creating a more committed and successful workforce
  • increasing employee wellness through financial literacy decreases health benefit costs and absenteeism in the workplace
  • offering financial literacy sessions in the workplace increases the attractiveness of the workplace to both current and potential employees

Why CPA Canada?

  • our award-winning Financial Literacy Program is specifically targeted to provide employees with education to improve their overall financial health
  • our unbiased, objective educational sessions are delivered nationwide and are offered at no cost
  • we will provide a CPA volunteer to deliver the presentation at your location

What we can do together

CPA Canada and your workplace can come together to address a significant social issue – lack of financial literacy. We can provide no-cost sessions to employees, varying from young professionals to those considering retirement.

Want to learn more?

Not sure which package is right for you?  Contact us to find out more information.

We also offer more than 40 sessions, view our full catalogue for more detail.

Hosting a session is easy, find out more about setting up a financial literacy session.

Ready to book a series?

We offer over 40 sessions which are targeted to different audiences. We have combined our most popular workplace sessions into easy-to-book series for your convenience:

Request a series

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