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Setting up a financial literacy session

Find out what is provided by us, what is required of you (the host) and how to set up a session.

Our financial literacy sessions are provided for free and are facilitated by our CPA volunteers. Each session is approx. 60 minutes, which includes a 15-minute Q&A. For additional information, see Financial Literacy Program FAQs.

UPDATE: View our updated policy for in-person financial literacy sessions.

We will provide:

  • a CPA volunteer(s) to lead the session
  • prepared presentation and activities
  • prepared handouts and worksheets

Responsibilities for you (the host)

The following is to ensure that the session runs smoothly, that it is of maximum benefit to the attendees, and that we receive feedback that helps us constantly improve our program.

  • Promote the session and register the participants. The following promotional flyer templates can be helpful.
  • Connect with our volunteer at least one week prior to the session as a final confirmation. We will provide you with their contact information.
  • Provide the venue and setup
  • Provide a screen and projector. A podium and sound system may also be required for large theatre settings. Audio-visual systems are not required for the school workshops.
  • Print the session materials for the participants. This includes the session presentation PDF, session evaluation form, handouts, worksheets and other accompanying participant documents. Our volunteer will provide you with all of the documents that need to be printed.
  • Send us the Host Evaluation form and the Session Evaluation forms. These forms should be scanned and emailed to us. Alternatively, they can be given to our volunteer.
  • Other feedback regarding session content, volunteer demeanour/conduct, etc., can be emailed in confidence to us.
  • For cancellations, notify the CPA volunteer and us as soon as possible.

ENJOY! The participants will greatly appreciate the content of our offerings and the initiative that you have taken to participate in our financial literacy program.  

How to set up a session

  1. Complete and submit the online session request form found on each session page. Also please see the following request guidelines:
  2. When we receive the form, we begin the process of finding a volunteer and of making all the necessary arrangements.
  3. Once a volunteer is found, we will send a “virtual introduction” email to you and our volunteer, which includes his/her contact information, so you can connect with each other prior to the session.

For questions, please email us.