Individual photos are shown of seven people
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Meet the CPAs bringing their knowledge to social media

A new generation of accountants are building their online brands while teaching the Xs and Os of finance

Individual photos are shown of seven peopleClockwise from top left: Bassem Zahili, Ashli Phippen and Martina Morton, Myriam-Karina Gad, Sam Cao, Andrew Wall, Ryan Lazanis and Gabrielle Chung

From LinkedIn and Twitter to YouTube and now TikTok, a growing number of CPAs are taking to social media to promote their brands and educate the public—and they’re finding success doing so. Beyond marketing, some professionals are even spinning off their social media clout into career opportunities. Take Kelly Phillips Erb, a Philadelphia-based tax attorney better known by her social media alias, Taxgirl. “I’ve always been a tax geek so it was a natural step to share everything I knew about it on social media,” says Erb.

What started as a small tax blog has transformed into a 75,000-strong following across multiple platforms. That following led to writing gigs with Forbes and Bloomberg, where Erb penned a column that helped land her a team lead position with Bloomberg Tax. “There’s value in putting yourself out there,” she says. “Social media also allows you to help countless people with the information you’ve gained from your education and experience.”

We spoke with eight Canadian CPA influencers to discuss the power of social media and changing face of marketing in the profession:


Sam Cao
Myriam-Karina Gad


Gabrielle Chung
Bassem Zahili


Ashli Phippen and Martina Morton


Andrew Wall, managing partner, CPA4IT


Ryan Lazanis, founder, Future Firm