Mastering data: A series of articles for CPAs

Today’s digital economy creates new demands on CPAs. Our article series on mastering data will indulge your curiosity and help you set a foundation to becoming a data expert in your organization.

Illustration of a person holding a group of colourful geometric shapes.

In an age where data is an organization’s most valuable asset, CPAs must become comfortable operating in a world that’s data-rich, data-intense, and data-driven.

The Mastering Data series looks at the foundations of the digital economy and explores the role of CPAs in using digital technologies and data management to improve business outcomes.


  • how to broaden your understanding and learn how to contextualize models used to inform decision-making
  • opening new revenue streams by selling data and derived insights
  • identifying the gaps in your organization’s data holdings and how to purchase data
  • the risks of holding data