Benefits for members of GAA accounting bodies through the GAA Passport Program

Are you a member of an accounting body that is part of the Global Accounting Alliance (GAA)? Take advantage of member benefits while you are working in Canada or Bermuda through the GAA Passport Program.

If you are a member of an accounting body that is part of the GAA, the GAA Passport program entitles you to many of the benefits offered by Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) and the provincial/territorial CPA bodies while you are working in Canada or Bermuda. These benefits include:

  • electronic copies of CPA Magazine
  • electronic newsletters
  • member rates for continuing professional development and networking events
  • many affinity (CPA Member Savings program) benefits
  • access to career support service (CPA Source)
  • access to information services and technical help


For more information on GAA Passport Services available in Canada, please contact John Tabone, principal, Member Value & Research Services, Member Services, CPA Canada, at 416-204-3326 or by email.

Additional Information

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