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CPA Canada annual report 2018-2019

The theme for this year’s annual report is Unlocking our Potential. Learn how CPA Canada is opening doors to a digitally optimized and financially sustainable future.

Emerging technologies. Changing demographics. Shifting geopolitical pressures. If the accounting profession is to prosper in this new dynamic world, the time for transformation is now. 

The 2018-2019 annual report clearly demonstrates how CPA Canada is unlocking its full potential as a progressive and adaptive organization that embraces change. We are reimagining the future of the profession, fostering economic growth and social development and equipping members with the skills they need to successfully define the future. 

Over the last year, we accomplished this by: 

  • building the culture, capabilities and skills of our team to better serve our members and stakeholders 
  • delivering professional insights to influence positive public policy and standard-setting at the national and international levels 
  • championing the role of CPAs as innovative leaders with the expertise to effectively navigate change