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Season 8: The Future of Labour

This season, we offer expert insights and strategies to futureproof your career in the changing financial and professional landscapes.
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Our labour market is rapidly changing with new and evolving technologies that are here to stay. As these tools become more and more sophisticated, they are greatly affecting our workplaces. Season 8 is all about this evolution – providing you insights, tips and actionable advice to future-proof your career and stabilize your financial well-being.

This season we will answer these questions and more:

  • How can you stay ahead of technology and adapt to the changing workforce?
  • How can you assess the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI), inflation, and interest rates on the job market?
  • How do we prepare future generations for this everchanging economic reality?

This season is proudly brought to you by Pivot Magazine.

Episode list:

S8 E01: Interest rates, inflation, and I
S8 E02: Future-proofing your career – Strategies for success
S8 E03: Decoding compensation – Beyond the numbers
S8 E04: Will AI take over the job market?
S8 E05: Preparing the next generation
S8 E06: What is a side hustle? And is it always about survival?


S8 E01: Interest rates, inflation, and I

When it comes to interest rates and inflation in Canada, what is going on? What are the forces driving inflation and what can you do about it?

We dive into the complexities of interest rates and inflation, exploring their impact on employment, wages, immigration, and mortgages.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn the driving force behind current inflation numbers.
  • Is it worth taking a new job during times of economic uncertainty?
  • Learn how your mortgage is affected by inflation – and what you can do about it.
  • Learn why Canadian’s spending habits haven’t changed with inflation.

S8 E02: Future-proofing your career – Strategies for success

Can you ever prepare for sudden job loss? Maybe not, but you can take steps to future-proof your career and learn to navigate career uncertainties with grace.

We talk about the strategies you can take to protect yourself and your career.

Key takeaways:

  • Networking looks different in the digital age, but is still one of the most valuable tools to tap into the hidden job market.
  • AI is here to stay – learn how to work it to your advantage.
  • In the case of job loss – learn to assess if your career has been made redundant, and how you can utilize your knowledge and skills in another job or industry.

S8 E03: Decoding compensation – Beyond the numbers

Your salary doesn’t paint the entire picture of your compensation. Benefits, flexible work, vacation time and more are all part of the overall package that contributes to your job satisfaction and financial well-being.

We cover all components of your compensation and talk about how to properly evaluate them to make informed decisions about your career path.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn to evaluate non-monetary benefits of your compensation.
  • Learn how different generations evaluate job satisfaction.
  • Evaluate how your personal priorities line up with your desired compensation package.

S8 E04: Will AI take over the job market?

Artificial intelligence is here to stay. With more jobs being automated, are you at risk of being left behind?

We discuss the potential benefits and risks of AI adoption, how it might reshape industries, and the considerations you need to make to remain employable in a world driven by AI.

Key takeaways:

  • How is AI affecting your industry or profession?
  • What opportunities does human-AI collaboration present and in which areas can human skills complement AI capabilities?
  • What human skills are irreplaceable and less likely to be automated?
  • How to stay updated on AI developments and invest in learning AI-related skills to enhance employment prospects?
  • How to adapt a growth mindset and view AI as a tool for enhancing productivity rather than a threat?

S8 E05: Preparing the next generation

Where are your kids learning about money? In a changing financial landscape, how do we help our children manage their money in a world where cash is no longer king?

We discuss how parents can manage these obstacles and pass good financial sense onto the next generation.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how to have the money talk with your kids – and when.
  • Unpack your own relationship with money and learn how that’s projected on to your kids.
  • Learn how to discuss non-traditional financial sources with your kids, as well as merging their passions with their work.

S8 E06: What is a side hustle? And is it always about survival?

Some of us take on a side hustle as a survival tactic, while others are looking to make it their permanent, full-time job.

We unpack the gig economy and discuss the opportunities and challenges side hustles present, share successful side hustle stories, and highlight the key questions you need to ask before pursuing an additional income stream.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn about side hustles – and find out why millennials and Gen Z are leading the charge.
  • Learn how to turn your side hustle survival into a side hustle romance.
  • Learn how to prevent your side hustle from jeopardizing your day job.

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