Season 5: Tough talks about money

Season 5 of the Mastering Money podcast unpacks the hard financial conversations you need to be having with your kids, partners, financial planners and more.

This season of the podcast focuses on important money conversations to have with those close to you. Talking about money can often be uncomfortable and in some cases be considered inappropriate or taboo, but it really shouldn’t be. Conversations with your children, friends, parents, and more are all touched on.

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Episode breakdown

Episode 1: How to Talk to your Teen about the Money Side of “Adulting”

How can you prepare your teenager for financial responsibility? What are the most significant obstacles today’s teens are facing in developing good spending and saving habits, and how can parents work around them? Raising kids in today’s digital world comes with many challenges, but we’d like to help with the all-important conversations around money.

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Episode 2: How to Talk to your Partner about Money

Money concerns are among the most common reasons for relationship breakdown and divorce. How can one ensure that healthy conversations about money, financial goals, and values happen with their partner, and when is a good time to start having these conversations?

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Episode 3: How to Mitigate Financial Peer Pressure

How can you overcome financial peer pressure and get comfortable with saying no when your friends and family’s plans do not align with your financial priorities? Can you approach a situation like this without damaging your relationships?

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Episode 4: How to Talk to your Banker about your Money Needs

Today, many people are doing the vast majority of their banking online, with going to your bank and speaking with bank staff becoming less and less common. However, speaking to financial advisors and other staff at your bank can be an eye-opening experience.

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Episode 5: Preparing for the Unexpected: Advance Serious Illness Planning

Should someone become critically ill, it’s possible they will be unable to make decisions related to their care and financial arrangements. Appointing an alternate decision maker and really preparing them to advocate for you is a smart anticipatory action for all adults, especially as we live through this global pandemic.

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Episode 6: The Role of Reverse Mortgages in Retirement Planning

What is a reverse mortgage? Is it a good fit for your retirement plan? Learn the ins and outs of reverse mortgage products and get informed about the right conversations to have when planning for a comfortable retirement.

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