Season 4: Women and money

Season 4 of the Mastering Money podcast explores the role money plays in the lives of women from all walks of life, now and in the future.

This season of the podcast explores how women think and relate to money. From providing tips on everything from feeling confident with your money decisions to juggling work and home to going at it alone after a loss, there is something for all women at different stages of life.

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Episode breakdown

Episode 1: The Money Mindset – Changing the Way Women Relate to Money

This episode explores how women think and relate to money; helping women better understand money in order to find comfort in their own financial lives. Join our expert Vanessa Bowen, CPA, Money Coach and founder of Mint Worthy, as she discusses her challenges around money and how she took ownership of her financial life, while providing insight on how women can gain confidence in dealing with money matters that they tend to avoid. 

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Episode 2: The Risky Woman – Risk and Investing for Women 101

Confidence in money decisions comes with knowledge and practice.  Join Lisa Zamparo, CPA, CA, Financial Strategist and founder of the Wellth Company, to explore how to learn about your money, make your money work for you, what steps you can take to gain the confidence to make decisions, the gender gap in risk and investing, and how you can take calculated risks for setting up your financial future. 

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Episode 3: The Working Woman – First jobs and New Jobs

Starting a career or entering into a new career can be exciting but it also poses unique financial obstacles and challenges for a woman. In this episode, guest Gloria Ng, CPA and podcast host for MISS FINDEPENDENT , sheds light on entering into a new job with a focus on how to set yourself up for success, manage student loans, set goals and establish life-long healthy financial habits. 

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Episode 4: The Working Mother – Juggling Work and Home

Let’s face it. Being a mom is a full-time job by itself, add a career on top of that as well as tending to the everyday needs and wants of your kids, and soon not only is your bank account depleting, but so is your time. In this episode, Lisa van de Geyn, freelance writer, editor, mom and author of Babies: How to Afford Your Bundle of Joy, will teach us how to make a plan before having kids, how to budget for becoming a mom and growing a family as well as how to juggle motherhood and a career.

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Episode 5: Going Alone: After a Relationship

Divorce or separation can leave many women wondering what will come of their finances and how they will support themselves, their dependents, and overall lifestyle. For some, this means taking finances into their own hands for the first time ever and learning how to pave the way themselves. This episode, with certified financial planner Léony DeGraaf, CFP, CEA, EPC, will focus on what issues women face when going through a separation or divorce and what they can do to set themselves up for independent financial wellbeing and success.

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Episode 6: Going Alone: After Loss of a Spouse or Partner

The loss of a loved one is devastating and can take a toll on women physically, mentally, and financially. This episode features guest Kimberley Short, CIM®, CFP®, FCSI®, MFA-P™, TEP a principal, portfolio manager, certified financial planner and trust and estate practitioner at ShortFinancial with iA Private Wealth. Kimberly will guide listeners through the process of widowhood, while providing useful information for women on how to deal with money after the death of a spouse, how get a handle on finances if you have not had that responsibility in the past, how to manage finances moving forward, basics on wills and estates, and where to look for help during this difficult time.

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