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Just widowed

How to be prepared to manage finances when faced with widowhood.

Time frame: 60 mins

Learning objectives for participants

  • learn where to start and how to manage finances during a difficult period
  • understand how to assess financial needs, budget, and plan long-term
  • learn how to prepare your estate and recognize the importance of wills


  • you are not alone – the stats
  • acknowledging your grief, putting your well-being first
  • assembling your team
  • gathering key documents
  • managing household finances
  • building confidence in money
  • considering bigger financial decisions and investments
  • other considerations
    • understanding estate planning
    • taxes
  • resources
  • Q&A

Learning materials

  • Document organizer — organizer and tracker of all financial documents
  • Net worth worksheet — helps calculate net worth


For questions, please email us.

Want a session in your area?

We will provide a CPA volunteer to lead the session with a prepared presentation, activities, handouts and worksheets. Note: If more than one session is needed, please fill out a second form and submit.

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