Your numbers, your story

Learn what you and other women entrepreneurs need to run a successful business.

Time  frame: 60 min

Audience: women entrepreneurs


  • understand what is critical to success and the impact
  • review and understand financial statements
  • calculate and understand the key financial ratios for your business
  • the meaning of the calculations
  • interpret the results to better manage your business
  • review and change your cash management practices so less cash is required to operate the business


  • what it means to be a woman entrepreneur
  • what is critical to success and the impact
  • financial statements
    • What does my P&L tell me?
    • Why do I need a balance sheet?
    • Where is my cash coming and going?
  • financial ratios
    • How profitable is my business?
    • What’s the trend in my profits?
    • Can we pay the bills? Can we pay the bank?
  • maximizing your business
    • Do we have enough cash to pay expenses?
    • How much cash do we need for expansion?
    • How do I measure and monitor operational efficiency?
  • tools and resources
  • Q&A


  • Activities
    • Self reflection
    • Financial statements
    • Minding your own business – My financial statements
    • Financial Analysis
    • Minding your own business – Working capital
    • Compare & Contrast
  • Working capital & efficiency
  • Strategies to improve your working capital


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We will provide a CPA volunteer to lead the session with a prepared presentation, activities, handouts and worksheets. Note: If more than one session is needed, please fill out a second form and submit.

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