Planning for retirement

How to effectively plan for the kind of retirement you desire.

Time frame: 60 mins

Learning objectives for participants:

  • understand that government payments are not enough to fund retirement
  • how to become proactive and start retirement planning early
  • the benefits of:
    • using government tax deferral/saving opportunities
    • participating in company pension plans
    • non-registered investments


  • why you need a retirement plan
  • how much you need to save
  • retirement saving strategies
  • sources of retirement income
  • government plans (RRSP, TFSA, CPP, OAS, GIS)
  • employer pensions
  • non-registered investments
  • what we learned about retirement planning
  • tools and resources
  • Q&A

Learning Materials:

  • Planning for the End of Life Guide (CPA Canada) – provides the tools and information needed for retirement planning
  • Retirement Planning Checklist
  • Canadian Retirement Income Calculator (Service Canada)
  • Financial Consumer Agency of Canada information


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