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Effective tax strategies

Better understand Canada’s tax system and minimize the amount of tax paid.

Time frame: 60 mins

Learning objectives for participants:

  • develop effective strategies to minimize the amount of tax paid
  • understand basic tax law
  • learn how to be proactive in tax planning and detailed record keeping
  • understand the three main categories for tax planning:
    • reducing income subject to tax
    • maximizing deductions
    • using all allowable tax credits
  • learn simple tips and tools to save money


  • understand tax laws
  • tax planning
  • keep detailed records
  • how to achieve tax goals
  • reduce taxable income
  • tax deductions versus tax credits
  • increase deductions
  • use tax credits
  • resources
  • Q&A

Learning materials:

  • Document Organizer Worksheet — organizer and tracker of all documents needs for taxes
  • Tax Rate tables tax rates by province
  • CPA Canada’s Personal Tax Planner Guide — comprehensive resource for tax planning strategies
  • CRA’s Fairness and Taxpayer Bill of Rights — specifies the rights and obligations of the tax payer, and the commitments of the CRA


For questions, please email us.

Want a session in your area?

We will provide a CPA volunteer to lead the session with a prepared presentation, activities, handouts and worksheets. Note: If more than one session is needed, please fill out a second form and submit.

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