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This condominium is transforming the face of downtown Montreal

Maestria Condominiums: The highest residential tower in the city offers unique access to the quintessential urban lifestyle

Image of Maestria Condominiums being builtMaestria Condominiums features more than 1,000 residential units that range from one to three bedrooms in size, including 28 penthouse units (Image provided)

Montreal’s skyline will soon be welcoming an iconic addition: Maestria Condominiums. Located in the heart of the city centre, the development’s two towers stand an incredible 58 and 61 storeys high. When Groupe Devimco was entrusted with the innovative development of this future Montreal landmark, they knew they had a responsibility to make it something special.

“It will be seen from everywhere in the city of Montreal, so it was important for us to have a project that’s ambitious and bold,” says Marco Fontaine, Groupe Devimco’s vice-president of residential development and marketing.

“Downtown Montreal has an easily recognizable silhouette because it is shaped by buildings that each have an emblematic signature: the Olympic stadium, the Biosphère, the Place Ville Marie, the Stock Exchange Tower and more,” adds William Atkinson, director of architecture and real estate intelligence at Groupe Devimco. “With Maestria Condominiums, we are redesigning the silhouette of the city centre with new iconic buildings.”

Architecture inspired by its surroundings

Maestria Condominiums features more than 1,000 residential units that range from one to three bedrooms in size, including 28 penthouse units that boast 11-foot ceilings, superior-quality engineered flooring, bathrooms with heated floors, as well as spacious loggia-style terraces that overlook the city. A guiding principle in the project’s award-winning design was its prominent position in the Quartier des Spectacles, Montreal’s cultural district, which Fontaine says has the highest concentration of arts and culture in North America. “We wanted the project to be integrated and to become the flagship project in the district,” he says.

Inspired by these artistic environs, the project’s architecture was influenced by Renaissance-era cathedrals and the proportions of the “golden ratio,” long renowned as an aesthetic measure that captures ideal beauty and harmony. To further evoke those creative elements, the project was designed to be reminiscent of a symphony. Its asymmetrical towers add fluidity and movement to the entire structure. Inside, shades of grey, black, beige and white complement wood textures to offer tranquility—a calm and serene contrast with the vibrancy of the surrounding neighbourhood.

Sophisticated amenities to relax and rejuvenate

Spreading across 40,000 square feet of common areas, the buildings’ amenities were created by renowned local designers Blazys Gérard. Atkinson explains that the amenities aim to offer a synthesis of Montreal city life: culture, gastronomy, physical well-being, leisure, entertainment and socializing.

“For Maestria Condominiums, it was important for us to go further than any other project in terms of living space,” he says. “Besides a semi-Olympic indoor pool, the largest private gym in the city, a full thermal spa circuit, lounges and entertainment rooms, there is a whole other array of amenities underlining specific arts and culture. We hope to lay the foundation of a new vertical community focused on thriving in the very essence of Montreal.”

A showpiece in the sky

The centrepiece of the common areas is a 100-foot-long steel-and-glass skybridge connecting the two towers at their 26th floors. Perched more than 300 feet in the air, it is the highest suspended skybridge ever built in Quebec. It took two years of careful planning to install the incredible structure, which weighs nearly 57,000 kilograms—making it as heavy as a Boeing 737. To take advantage of its prominent position, the skybridge features a lounge that provides unparalleled panoramic views of the city centre and the St. Lawrence River.

“The skybridge illustrates the very identity of Montreal,” says Atkinson. “The city is defined as an island, and the importance of its bridges goes without saying. By celebrating the connecting force of the bridge at the very core of the city, there’s a certain poetry to the whole concept. It remains an emblematic signature project, a new architectural icon that will truly reshape Montreal’s skyline as we know it.”

To get a closer look or to receive news and promotions about the most unique residential project in Quebec, visit Phases 1 and 2 are selling now, and phase 2 has occupancy in 2024. To book an appointment at the sales office, located at 300, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest in Montreal, please call 514-700-1819.