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Chartered Business Valuator designation is a bold and boundless career path

The role of finance in business is evolving to become more accessible and essential than ever

Woman standing casting a shadow of a women wearing a cape billowing in the windBoth in Canada and around the world, demand for professionals accredited in business valuation—Chartered Business Valuators (CBVs) specifically—is at an all-time high

There is a shift happening in the role of finance in business. U.S. staffing firm Robert Walters’s report on the future of the finance function depicts this transition as evolving from “number cruncher” to “co-pilot.” Increasingly, finance professionals are helping organizations usher in the future—solving mission-critical business problems and leading the charge for new processes and efficiencies. In charting a path forward, it’s bringing new, in-demand skills to the forefront, such as the ability to assess risk and to provide meaningful business valuation-related analyses.

“Demand for professionals accredited in business valuation, Chartered Business Valuators (CBVs) specifically, both in Canada and around the world, is currently at an all-time high,” says Dr. Christine Sawchuk, President and CEO, CBV Institute. “We’re seeing unprecedented demand in a wide range of industries.”

As the gold standard in business valuation, the CBV designation builds upon finance skills to provide next-level technical knowledge and expertise to meet the challenges of today’s corporate, investment and legal climates.

“What I most enjoy about my role at OMERS is that I get to collaborate with global portfolio management teams and investment colleagues to provide ongoing valuation support and address unique valuation issues as they arise within the infrastructure private asset portfolio,” says Jennifer Samarco. As a CBV and Vice-President of Investment Finance and Valuations at the pension fund OMERS, Samarco leads a team responsible for the valuation of OMERS’ $26B private infrastructure portfolio. “The knowledge and skills I acquired through the CBV program have prepared me for the complexities of valuing a global portfolio of infrastructure assets across a broad spectrum of industry sectors, and have been foundational to my understanding of the risks and opportunities that impact value creation. This has enabled me to be a strong business partner across the organization,” Samarco says.

Dr. Christine Sawchuk, President and CEO of the CBV InstituteDr. Christine Sawchuk, president and CEO of the CBV Institute

Kiki Anadu, Vice-President in PwC’s valuations practice deals group, agrees being a CBV has been paramount to her success. Anadu says the knowledge and skills she acquired from the designation over a decade ago as a valuations senior associate were instrumental in her ability to hit the ground running.

“My CBV expertise means that I can be involved at every stage of the conversation as a result of my ability to perform thorough analysis, stay current on the various trends that impact deal value, and provide objective opinions,” she says.

The CBV designation can also offer a leg up to professionals with backgrounds in other disciplines looking to advance their careers. Just ask Shilpa Arora, General Manager of DoorDash Canada and a CBV herself.

“Having a non-traditional background as an architect, and as a new immigrant to Canada, the program helped me develop the expertise, network and knowledge of local standards and best practices,” Arora says.

With a career that has spanned numerous industries—including banking and grocery retail—Arora says the fundamentals she gained from the CBV Program of Studies have been key to her agility. “The course content was the perfect balance of starting from the basics, making it accessible and less intimidating for non-accounting professionals to start, while also allowing for specialization through electives where specific industry expertise is helpful.”

And in a world where it’s not just what you know that matters, Arora says being a CBV alumna provides other priceless benefits. “Thanks to CBV Institute, there is a growing community of experts I can always reach out to for nuanced discussions and expertise,” she adds.

Stand out. Now’s the time to boldly elevate your career. Visit to learn more about the CBV designation will take your career to the next level.