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Turbulent times: Our top COVID-19 stories

As the pandemic hits the one-year mark, here are some of the articles that have resonated most with readers during this unprecedented period

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Collage of images showing workers in a warehouse controlling equipment and various employees working on laptops from home.From shifting to remote work and learning to socialize virtually, we’ve had a lot of change to contend with since the start of the pandemic

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since COVID-19 hit, changing our personal and professional lives in ways we could never have imagined. And, right from the start, we’ve been examining workplace trends, assessing impacts and compiling tips on everything from new tax rules to apps for social distancing—all with the goal of keeping you up to date and helping you navigate this unprecedented crisis a little more easily.

Here is a list of our top 10 COVID-related stories for the year.

  1. Looking past the pandemic: 8 sectors that could thrive in the future
    COVID-19 has everyone wondering what jobs, skills and businesses will be important for the future. Here are some prime candidates.
  2. 3 ways CPAs can simplify their clients’ personal taxes during the pandemic
    Be in the know about the changes and new requirements as we head into the 2020 tax season.
  3. Home office expense claims: how the new rules work
    The Canada Revenue Agency has come up with a simplified process for making home office expense claims for 2020. Here are some highlights.
  4. Coping with the COVID-19 crisis: What small businesses can do to survive
    From checking your reserves to brainstorming with your staff, here are some practical actions you can take to cope with this rapidly evolving situation.
  5. Why this recession will be unlike any other
    Governments and central banks are using every available tool to prevent economic catastrophe. Will it be enough?
  6. COVID-19 and the workplace: What employers and employees need to do
    Both parties have a part to play to ensure a safe work environment for all.
  7. 5 tips for effectively leading a remote team during the pandemic
    In this uncertain time, be empathetic to your staff’s needs while also being clear about goals and expectations.
  8. Helping small businesses navigate government programs during the COVID-19 crisis
    Clients are calling for advice on everything from wage subsidies to more technical tax issues. Here are details on some recently announced federal programs related to tax and wage assistance.
  9. 14 ways to help small businesses survive during COVID-19
    By offering support during this time, you could literally save someone’s livelihood.
  10. 6 apps to help you socialize while social distancing
    With physical distancing measures in effect indefinitely, Canadians turn to technology to stay social.


CPA Canada has a wealth of resources to help you weather the pandemic—from remote working tips to ways to avoid burnout and steer clear of pandemic-related scams.

For more on pressing tax questions, see our tax blog and COVID-19 tax updates. Also learn what Canada needs to rebuild its economy, and explore audit and practice management implications as a result of the health crisis.