Charles-Antoine St-Jean, President and CEO of CPA Canada sits and speaks with Dennis Trottier, Chief Mental Health Officer at KPMG.
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The time to talk openly about mental health is now

Feelings of shame and stigma still exist when it comes to mental-health challenges. KPMG’s chief mental health officer sat down with CPA Canada’s President and CEO for an honest discussion about managing mental illness

Charles-Antoine St-Jean, President and CEO of CPA Canada sits and speaks with Dennis Trottier, Chief Mental Health Officer at KPMG.CPA Canada’s president and CEO Charles-Antoine St-Jean sat down at The ONE conference with Denis Trottier, KPMG’s chief mental health officer, to discuss the realities of managing our mental health

Although companies are trying to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health, numbers show the feelings of shame still exist. According to a 2016 report by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, only 23 per cent of employees are comfortable talking to their employer about a psychological health issue—even though statistics show one in five Canadians suffers from a mental illness or addiction problem each year.

A few years ago, CPA Denis Trottier almost resigned from his career in accounting due to depression. Instead, KPMG offered him the unique position of chief mental health officer. At this year’s The ONE virtual conference, Charles-Antoine St-Jean, CPA Canada’s president and CEO, sat down with Trottier to discuss the realities of managing our mental health. 

Trottier recognizes the self-imposed guilt people put on themselves and says moving past this and asking for help are the first steps to recovery. “You can’t cure yourself out of cancer, so you can’t necessarily cure yourself out of a mental illness without getting proper help,” he says. 

Watch the inspirational video between St-Jean and Trottier as they discuss the effects mental illness can have on work and personal life. 

To further the conversation and shed light on the pervasiveness of mental-health challenges, we’ve pulled together articles and resources from CPA Canada that touch on a range of topics, from employee burnout to coping with stress during COVID-19.

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Millions suffer from mental-health issues in silence and CPA Dennis Trottier was one of them. With a high-profile role at KPMG, Trottier contemplated resigning. Instead, he was offered the innovative position of chief mental health officer. Now he positively affects employees working through mental-health challenges. 

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Coping with stress during COVID-19
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Wellness in a time of crisis
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Learn about The Co-operators Group’s internal initiative to bolster employees’ mental well-being and how the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board recognized the value of their employees by investing in a mental-health strategy.