CPA Canada to offer new PM certificate in early 2017

Performance management is an important growth area for CPAs. Get the business tools you need to fine-tune competitive advantage for your clients or organization with our new certificate program that begins in January 2017.

Performance management (PM) is a growing analytical discipline that is dedicated to managing the vital indicators of success for most organizations: profit, planning and performance. CPAs who are ready to capitalize on the market for PM could earn some big wins at work – for their careers and their employers.


The Harvard Business Review notes that “ROI can vary enormously from one business to another and from year to year... the challenge lies in how we can explain and predict those variations.”

Performance management uses explanation and prediction to set agile corporations and resilient industries apart from the rest of the pack. PM is also a framework for strategy, finance and operations that fosters innovation and embraces curiosity. Organizations that prioritize performance management tend to meet ambitious goals and achieve higher, more sustainable long-term prosperity.


Our new Certificate in Driving Organizational Profit and Performance launches in early 2017. This program offers online and in-person education with a blended learning format to examine the key skills needed to support career growth in performance management.

Some of the major topics slated for coverage include cost management, profitability, pricing and how to optimize overall business development.

“Performance management contributes to strategic decision-making, fosters effective governance and helps executives manage and mitigate risk,” says Geneviève Grenier, Principal of Finance, Management and Reporting in Continuing Education at CPA Canada. “It’s an important growth area for CPAs.”


High-performing organizations need savvy and adept business and accounting professionals at the helm. This new program for CPAs is competency-based and includes seven distinct modules.

These multipart modules address the range and depth of PM – from activating good performance with financial operations and the fundamentals of profit analysis to hypothesis testing, system adjustments and how to create an enterprise dashboard that generates deep insights on performance.

After the modules, the curriculum concludes with a two-day advanced capstone session that integrates real-life case study analysis. In the capstone, students are encouraged to focus on strategy mapping, corporate objectives and the business tools required to fine-tune competitive advantage for their clients or organization.

CPAs who enroll in this certificate will complement their professional development in PM with strong interdisciplinary skills in problem-solving, as well as exposure to the latest leadership techniques designed to drive successful human and system performance.

Refine your skills in pricing, forecasting and results-oriented performance management with our new performance management certificate program for CPAs, coming this winter:

Certificate in Driving Organizational Profit and Performance
January 2017 | Blended Learning | CPD hours: up to 40
Final capstone session to be offered in multiple cities