Certificate in driving organizational profit and performance

Enhance your organization’s bottom line and sharpen your skills in performance management.

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As a business leader, you need a clear understanding of your environment and a strategic vision for the future. This is essential for organizational agility.

Many organizations have difficulty aligning their strategic priorities and fail to understand the impact of customer profitability and other important areas can have on their business. However, those that prioritize PM are better equipped to achieve their goals and more sustainable long-term financial success.

Using a performance management (PM) approach to strategic decision-making can help you better manage and mitigate risk, ensure effective pricing and make small operational changes that benefit the bottom line.

Develop the knowledge you need to improve your organization’s profitability, set clear performance targets and monitor performance with the Certificate in Driving Organizational Profit and Performance.

This program is geared towards mid-level professionals and senior business and accounting leaders with more than five years of experience.

The roles and industries listed below would find this program the most beneficial, however, the concepts can be applied across a variety of industries and positions.

Through a mix of self-directed and facilitated learning, this certificate integrates theoretical knowledge with case study analysis on a variety of topics.

Online self-paced modules focus on applied insights to help effectively manage cost, profitability and pricing for superior business performance, while the in-depth capstone session, facilitated by PM experts, provides an opportunity for deeper discussions about key tools and concepts.

The capstone session is also a chance to strengthen your skills in presenting to senior management or boards.

Note: Capstone sessions will be held virtually to allow participation from across the country. An in-person offering (in Toronto) will also be available. A schedule of virtual and in-person capstones is available via the Pricing and Registration link below.

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We offer tailored experiences and group discounts to fit the unique needs of your team and organization. Immediately apply program learnings towards real-time business objectives. Contact Jeanette Hill, principal, Performance Management, CPA Canada.

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40 CPD hour(s)
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You will learn about:

  • tools to understand your organization and map strategy to corporate objectives
  • how to improve profitability, including:
    • customer and contribution analysis
    • pricing and strategic cost management
    • validation testing
    • forecasting
  • connecting strategy and performance to results through cascading goals
  • dashboarding with a scorecard for optimal performance
  • using performance results to gain deeper insights and make strategic and operational adjustments

Who should attend?

  • CPAs
  • business professionals working in industry
  • retail, manufacturing and consumer goods industries professionals
  • mid-level professionals and senior business and accounting leaders with more than five years of experience
  • operations managers, strategic planners, consultants, sales and finance professionals

More Details:

Session Descriptions

Understanding your business
• situation assessment
• understanding your market
• clarifying corporate objectives
• strategy mapping

Interactive case study 1: Understanding your business

Understand how to make your organization profitable part 1: Pricing and profitability
• mastering the contribution margin approach
• understanding factors related to pricing
• using pricing as a competitive tool
• understanding customer profitability

Interactive case study 2: Pricing and customer profitability

Understand how to make your organization profitable part 2: Analyzing for performance
• managing fixed cost performance
• activity-based cost management
• other cost improvement and productivity techniques
• other performance improvement techniques

Interactive case study 3: Profitability through performance improvement

Tools for driving optimal performance
• using validation testing as a strategic decision-making tool
• using forecasting as a strategic performance tool
• capitalizing on innovation for enhanced performance
• putting all the pieces together for optimal performance

Interactive case study 4: Validation testing & innovation

Using scorecard for maximum performance
• adopting the balanced scorecard as a performance management tool
• cascading the balanced scorecard for performance at all levels
• integrating the new performance management system throughout the company
• conducting the scoring process with the balanced scorecard

Interactive case study 5: The creation and scoring of a balanced scorecard

Analyzing results and adjusting for enhanced performance
• understanding how to scan the dashboard for priority areas requiring further examination
• delving deeper into results
• effecting strategic adjustments
• effecting operational adjustments

Interactive case study 6: Analyzing results and making strategic and operational adjustments

Capstone: Driving organization profits and performance
• review each module, and how the various concepts work together
• understand the importance of setting a good course of action
• develop in-depth knowledge of performance measurement tools
• apply program content in a business setting via group work and Interactive Case Study exercise

Group work, participant presentations and individual exercise to determine immediate and long term application of program learning



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