Episode 5: Will generative AI replace the CPA?

Annie Veillet discusses the role of generative AI, exploring how CPAs can effectively use AI-sourced data to drive deeper analysis into their businesses and organizations.

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On this episode, Annie Veillet, the national Intelligent Automation practice leader at PwC Canada dives into the rise of generative AI and what it means for the accounting profession. Will these tools replace CPAs? Veillet doesn’t believe so. Hear her thoughts as she discusses how these tools are being used internally at PwC, as well as addressing the very real concern about the reliability of generative AI.

Veillet envisions a future where the relationship between AI and humans is collaborative: generative AI can take a larger role in financial analysis and auditing, but it will always require human oversight to authenticate data outputs. With that legwork done, CPAs will have an opportunity to utilize that data to provide additional insights and have more informed conversations with stakeholders.

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the guest and do not necessarily reflect those of CPA Canada

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