Innovative project aims to shape the future of the accounting profession

Unprecedented change is transforming the global business landscape. With change coming from so many directions, the ability to adapt quickly is key. We need your help turning today’s challenges into opportunities.

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CPA Canada Foresight: Reimagining the profession is an initiative that brings CPAs and the broader business community together to discuss the industry’s most relevant issues, like obsolescence by automation, predicting future skillsets and more.

This initiative includes in-person roundtables and a digital conversation you can join to share your thoughts.

We need your input! Join many other CPAs and stakeholders who are sharing their thoughts on our online platform, Soapbox. Here’s how you can join the conversation:

Step 1: Click the Join button and create an account. It will only take 1 minute. 
Step 2: Share your thoughts on the three key uncertainty discussions
Step 3: Respond to the ideas of others or vote for your favourite responses
Step 4: Visit Soapbox often – we will be sharing new content (videos, interviews, questions, scenarios) from our round table events to deepen the discussion.

What happens next? 

CPA Canada will host round table events with various CPAs, stakeholders, and disruptors to develop a variety of scenarios to reinvent the accounting profession.

The cross-pollination of ideas from CPAs across Canada and global stakeholders in diverse fields and careers will create a full picture of where we're headed, where we want to go, and how we'll get there.

We will share information every step of the way.

Stay in the know

Although our round table events are by invitation only, we don’t want you to miss out!

Check back often for access to videos, reports, and other resources from our round table events. Use these resources to engage with participants in our digital conversation.