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Success podcast series: Ethics and governance

Ethics is at the core of every CPA’s professional reputation. In this special six-part podcast series, you will explore a wide range of ethical and governance issues impacting CPAs across sectors.

Throughout your career, you will need to navigate different ethical situations.

This special podcast series is designed to complement and support real-life experience about the common ethical challenges encountered by CPAs. Listen to CPAs and other business professionals discuss ethics and governance, including what challenges CPAs face being on boards of organizations.

This six-part podcast series features separate podcasts that are available on demand. After listening to all six podcasts in the series, you will have the opportunity to complete a quiz based on the material to earn two CPD hours.

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This material is provided for educational purposes only. Although it has been carefully prepared and reviewed, the presenters and Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) cannot accept legal responsibility for its contents or for any consequences arising from its use. The materials are meant to provoke and facilitate thought and reflection. The guidance provided to participants in response to these items is not to be interpreted as conclusive judgment on any specific situation and should not be directly applied to other situations.

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