CPA success podcast series: Ethics and governance

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This is the agenda for
CPA success podcast series: Ethics and Governance
Podcast #1: Building Fraud Awareness, Detection and Prevention

Learn how to define what fraud is and detect signs of fraud in your organization.

Podcast #2: Whistleblower Policies

Discover the importance of effective whistleblower policies and how boards can help implement and optimize those policies.

Podcast #3: Becoming a Director – Where to Start?

Learn what type of experience – and how much – is required to work on the board of directors for an organization.

Podcast #4: Directorship – What You Need to Know

Hear about the risks associated with corporate directorship and what you need to know before joining a board.

Podcast #5: Recruiting for corporate board positions

Understand the skills recruiters look for when choosing board members, including debunked myths about hiring for boards.

Podcast #6: Does It Pay to Be Ethical?

Are ethics good for an organization’s bottom line? Explore some of the ethical challenges that all professional accountants face in their career.