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Practitioner’s pulse (October 2021): A CPA's role in assurance over sustainability information

With global sustainability standards on the horizon, listen to this webinar for an introduction to sustainability reporting and to learn about a CPA's role in third-party assurance over sustainability information, including Canadian and global trends.

A growing number of entities are reporting information on their sustainability or environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance. Currently in Canada, assurance over sustainability information is voluntary; however, as we move toward global sustainability reporting standards, demand for independent assurance over sustainability information will likely increase. It is critical for Canadian practitioners to understand the impacts to their clients' business activities and assurance needs.

This webinar provides an introduction to sustainability reporting and assurance and highlights current Canadian and global trends to help you stay abreast of developments in this rapidly changing environment. 

  • sustainability reporting
  • the movement toward global sustainability standards
  • sustainability assurance
    • current auditor responsibilities
    • types of engagements
  • trends in sustainability reporting and assurance

  • practitioners
  • business professionals from an organization considering an assurance engagement over sustainability information
  • CPAs interested in learning about sustainability reporting and assurance

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