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Sustainability assurance alert: Third-party assurance over sustainability information

Read this alert to learn about a CPA’s role in third-party assurance over sustainability information.

We have issued Sustainability Assurance Alert: A CPA’s Role in Third-Party Assurance over Sustainability Information to raise awareness to assurance providers about the impact of increased interest in and reporting on sustainability information. Significant developments towards a set of global sustainability standards continue to take place. In November, the creation of an International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) was formally announced by the IFRS Foundation. This board will be responsible for the development of a comprehensive global baseline of high-quality sustainability disclosure standards to meet investor needs.

As the sustainability landscape continues to evolve, assurance providers will need to respond to their clients’ changing business activities and assurance needs.

Read this alert to learn about:

  • sustainability reporting
    • approaches
    • trends
  • the movement toward global sustainability standards
  • assurance over sustainability information
    • the auditor's current responsibilities over sustainability information
    • the need for and value of third-party assurance over sustainability information
    • engagement options that exist