Two business people study charts and graphs on a wall.

Introduction to Data Visualizations in Excel

Discover how to create data visualizations in Excel for Microsoft 365 that effectively communicate your data and capture your stakeholder’s attention.

The right data visualizations can transform financial statements from distracting to brilliant. This online course reveals the techniques you need to create dynamic charts that suit a wide range of financial information. By learning to present financial data in more comprehensible ways, you will help others make better business decisions.

This online, video-led course is performed using Excel for Microsoft 365 and includes an eBook and practical examples that are yours to keep.

Note: This course can be taken individually or as part of the Comprehensive Excel Certificate Program.

  • Introduction to data visualization and visual perception
  • How and when to use different types of charts
  • Applying heatmaps
  • Creating in-cell charts using formulas and conditional formatting
  • Enhancing in-cell charts using sparklines
  • Applying PivotCharts and combo charts

  • advanced Excel users
  • IT professionals
  • business intelligence educators
  • consultants
  • financial analysts

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