EY's Federal Income Tax Act: A print + online combo

Annotated and indexed, EY’s smart consolidation of the Canadian Income Tax Act is the reference tool you need. The print book includes access to our updated and searchable online Act, which can easily connect you to additional resources.

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EY's Federal Income Tax Act provides a practical consolidation of Canada’s Income Tax Act and regulations, with interactive and easy-to-use new features.


  • a print + online combo that keeps you current for legislative changes (purchase of a print book includes access to an online, updated, and searchable copy of the EY Federal Income Tax Act)
  • quick fetch (QF) codes that connect you easily to our online services for additional source documents and commentary
  • EY notes comprising case and ruling digests, and purpose notes that explain the intent behind selected provisions
  • flag icons that identify legislative provisions for which the latest amendments are effective in 2015 or 2016


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