Key performance indicators: A tool for audit committees

Read about the role of audit committees and how they may develop a robust process to effectively oversee KPIs presented in an issuer's MD&A and earnings press releases.

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Key performance indicators (KPIs) can help meet the informational needs of stakeholders by providing insights into an issuer’s overall strategic and operational performance.

It is important for your audit committees to fully understand the oversight role they can play in the area of KPIs, such as helping to develop effective processes. This is especially important given the reliance that may be placed on KPIs disclosed in an issuer’s Management’s Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) and earnings press releases.

This publication and accompanying tool can help you by providing:

  • a description of each of the four KPI categories often presented in MD&A and earnings press releases
  • a summary of the particular responsibilities the audit committee, board, management and external auditors have in selecting, calculating and presenting KPIs
  • six characteristics to help review the appropriateness of management-selected KPIs
  • a customizable tool intended to help deliver effective oversight of the KPIs presented in the MD&A and earnings press releases


  • audit committee members of Canadian public companies
  • management
  • external auditors