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Businessperson using a giant touch screen standing in a field with wind turbines.

A new mindset to RAISE the bar

In times of change, building a sustainable enterprise requires a progressive mindset. Learn about our RAISE philosophy, which helps CPAs and their organizations embrace resiliency, adaptability, and capacity to innovate.

Resilient + Adaptive + Innovative = Sustainable Enterprises (RAISE)

Virtually all Canadian businesses have been disrupted—some in unprecedented ways due to the global pandemic, market volatility, technological advancements or environmental changes. Your organization's long-term viability hinges on its ability to:

  • be resilient in the face of uncertainty
  • adapt business practices to competing market pressures
  • continuously innovate fresh and novel concepts to create long-term sustainable value

The RAISE philosophy helps you reflect on and assess your own proficiencies and guides your organization to assess its level of resilience, adaptability, and capacity to innovate in response to change.

The philosophy provides an integrated approach to strategic decision-making that prioritizes long-term sustainability. By weaving a RAISE approach into day-to-day analysis, planning and implementation, organizations can foster transformational change.